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Brian Gaff April 6th 18 03:56 PM
I bought some fairly cheap bookshelf two unit speakers, and they sound fine as long as they are at least a couple of foot away from a wall as they have a port in the back of the cabinet. However they are described as bookshelf design, and of cours as most bookshelves are on walls this somewhat makes the port at the rear a silly design. Not only that but they have the keyhole screw head...
Dave Plowman (News) April 5th 18 10:25 PM
A mid range unit - say about 4" - in a suitable sealed box. Remind me of the difference between mounting it on the rear of the baffle, front, or recessed flush to it? I've seen all done on commercial designs. -- *If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled? Dave Plowman London SW To e-mail, change noise into sound.
Brian Gaff March 21st 18 03:25 PM
My bedroom is almost square with one corner with an airing cupboard and the next one sliced off by the chimney as it runs up from the floor below. It has this middle sounding honk no matter what speakers I use. Short of coating all the walls with old cardboard egg boxes I wondered if these new miracle speakers from Sonos might help, or is this room auto compensation stuff just hype as to me...
Brian Gaff February 25th 18 08:08 AM
I notice that Manx Radio is now the strongest station on Medium wave at night on 1368Khz, and its jingles proclaim the nations station. It even fades like Luxemburg used to. They claim to have been in existence since 1964. I also notice that the Isle of man now have a domain, ie .im At the moment the adverts are pretty locally based but it does make one winder quite why they need such...
Andrew[_2_] February 23rd 18 06:50 PM
BBC FM channels back to normal, or even better than before, although this might be because I paid a visit to the loft and cleaned up the connections to my 3-el loft FM aerial. Mind you it has now become nice and dry which seems to help. Does anyone know what they were doing for so many weeks ?.
Jim Lesurf[_2_] February 20th 18 08:33 AM
Just to let people know that I have now made freely available a PDF version of the book I wrote mumble years ago on Information and Measurement. Can be obtained from http://jcgl.orpheusweb.co.uk/InformationAndMeasurement_PDF_Book.pdf The explanations use various examples like CD Players, etc, to illustrate the underlaying methods and science. Cheers,
Brian Gaff February 18th 18 10:55 AM
Hi, our local Talking newspaper has a problem. The problem is this. The sound hardware both in the pc and the cheap Behringer box have got a fixed level monitor of the input, not even mute works on the latter and the internal card only has level monitor adjust if you accept latency, which is unacceptable. Are there any reasonably priced sound cards or usb interfaces which allow simple...
Brian Gaff February 16th 18 08:49 AM
I have a pair of Tannoy IIIlz speakers which I've used for many years and apart from cleaning up the switches in the crossover at the back, they have performed well. always a little on the bright side, they do seem in recent months to be getting significantly brighter, or kind of presence heavy. I guess it could be my ears aging but I did wonder if it might be time to either get them tested...
Iain[_2_] February 12th 18 11:22 AM
Thanks to everyone who showed an interest in the Ella Fitzgerald project sampler CD. They went like hot cakes:) Iain
Andrew[_2_] February 11th 18 07:18 PM
How do these work if only a 6 inch stub sticks out of the roof ? To get a decent FM signal indoors I need a dipole of some sort that is about 59 inches long, plus reflector and director. I ask this because I am getting interference on 88.50 Mhz from Rowridge, but not all the time. Earlier today it was bad, but the other BBC FM stations were not affected. When I drove into town, FM R2 on my car...
Jim Lesurf[_2_] February 9th 18 02:53 PM
I've started adding some more batches of info to the UKHHSoc 'collection' of old documents related to UK audio history. The most recent additions are a section on Beam Echo, plus items on Armstrong and Chapman equipment. As usual, these can be found via the main index page at http://ukhhsoc.torrens.org/AudioDocs.html I have more to add which I hope to put up fairly soon. However of late...
Brian Gaff February 7th 18 04:14 PM
A lot of already received messages just vanished from my reader, but not all in a lump but mostly from today, but only in a few threads on both servers. I smell a rat. Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
Johnny B Good February 3rd 18 05:15 PM
On Sat, 03 Feb 2018 17:46:06 +0000, Huge wrote: On 2018-02-03, D.M. Procida wrote: What would you recommend (for an Acoustic Research "The AR Turntable")? I think I've always put 3-in-1 in my Thorens t/table! If it's the same type of bearing that's used in the TD125 (a sleeve bearing suspended on a single steel ball), I suspect that may not have
D.M. Procida February 3rd 18 04:10 PM
What would you recommend (for an Acoustic Research "The AR Turntable")? Thanks, Daniele
Iain[_2_] February 3rd 18 08:20 AM
Last year 2017 was the centenary of the birth of Ella Fitzgerald, probably the greatest female jazz singer of all time. To celebrate, the big band in which I play tenor saxophone, put together a tribute project with our singer Ida and played ten concerts to capacity audiences. We used both original Ella Fitzgerald arrangements written by Nelson Riddle, and also arrangements written in 1940's...
Andrew[_2_] February 1st 18 12:30 PM
For quite a while now I have noticed that FM from Rowbridge on the Isle of Wight seems to be more hissy than the previous 38 years. It seems to be worst on 88.50 Mhz, which is R2. I used to have an Aiwa AX7400 receiver which was utterly brilliant at receiving FM and the signal strength meter showed a good signal where I live, about 50 miles north east of the transmitter, but slightly hidden by...
Brian Gaff January 28th 18 08:36 AM
If you amplitude modulated a 40Khz ultrasonic sound that you could obviously not hear with audio, could you hear it? I was thinking it might be a good way to beam audio. Brian -- ----- - This newsgroup posting comes to you directly from... The Sofa of Brian Gaff...
Brian Gaff January 24th 18 08:29 AM
Is it April 1st already? WattUp®, a revolutionary wire-free, power-at-a-distance charging technology, today announced Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification of its first-generation WattUp Mid Field transmitter, which sends focused, RF-based power to devices at a distance. As the first FCC certification for power-at-a-distance wireless charging under Part 18 of the FCC's rules,...
Brian Gaff January 10th 18 02:47 PM
Many years ago Toshiba had some globe speakers that sounded quite good. Basically they had multiple drive units moundted in a shape a bit like a dodecahedron and covered over with a global mesh. The main construction was di cast aluminium. You needed a bass bin as I recall, but they sounded quite good. I wondered if anyone had continued with this type of idea since it kind of turned the...
D.M. Procida January 9th 18 09:54 PM
I need a pair of speaker stands. I'm after something that looks like this: http://images.audioasylum.com/usr/y2011/08/50141/speakers.jpg (i.e black, square section steel in a design composed of right-angles). The speakers have a footprint of 20cm wide by 18cm deep, and for aesthetic reasons the stand needs to match that as closely as possible. Are there any models I should be looking out for...
Brian Gaff January 3rd 18 02:16 PM
I have a relatively new computer which has two brand new cd/dvd writers in it. Neither of them seem to be able to produce universally readable standard CD recordings. Many cd decks give up when looking at them, but a DVD or an el cheapo cd player from tesco read them fine, as do many in car units. These are standard, not mp3 cds. Now on a machine upstairs I have an almost identical...
Brian Gaff January 2nd 18 07:51 AM
Can one still get the stylus for the concorde cart as fitted to many Technics parallel tracking record playing decks. I find mine is still working well and being blind I have no problems with putting the arm down in the wrong place so I'd like to keep it going but it seems to need cleaning a lot of late and ins a touch sibilant. Also the Technics has annoying but intermittent fault where it...
D.M. Procida December 27th 17 11:14 PM
I have a Beogram 2202 turntable, that could do with a bit of attention. I don't know if it's economically worth it, but it would be nice to have it running in top condition again. Can you recommend a UK-based service for repair and service? Thanks. Daniele
Andrew[_2_] December 25th 17 02:37 PM
Boredom has set in already, so it's time to check out the online sales, but for some reason I clicked on my HiFi choice bookmark by mistake and noticed this product :- http://www.hifichoice.co.uk/news/article/isotek-competition/25866/ "While the basic mains cables that come bundled with components do a good job of getting it the power it needs to run, they invariably lack the quality of...
D.M. Procida December 24th 17 08:47 AM
I have an old pair of speakers whose foam grilles turned to dust. Can they be replaced with any old thing? Or must I obtain special tempered virgin linear response low distortion acoustic audiophile expensive foam? And how difficult is this stuff to cut? Daniele
Dave Plowman (News) December 22nd 17 10:11 AM
My ancient workshop amp failed. Took the mains fuse - and a replacement. It was assembled from bits I had lying around - including a mains transformer I've not quite sure what it was made for. And of course it's always the most expensive bit that fails... Turned out to be the rectifier. Nice cheap fix - had a spare. -- *Windows will never cease *
Brian Gaff December 18th 17 02:56 PM
Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and trace the fault on my right hand channel old speaker wire that is for the other room. Having discovered a spiky bit of wire shorting the wire several feet down at a junction block inside a QED headphone socket and volume box, I thought it was solved, but the sound, though it was there, was weak and crappy. Move along wire to another QED box that...
D.M. Procida December 17th 17 08:51 PM
A few weeks ago I described a music source I put together: * Raspberry Pi * Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen * Volumio software https://volumio.org * Allo Boss DAC https://www.allo.com/sparky/boss-dac.html * music stored on a 64GB USB flash drive (played through a 30-year-old Cyrus 1 amplifier to Royd Coniston 2 speakers).
Arfa Daily December 9th 17 04:40 PM
Hi all. Long time no visit this group. Hope all the usual suspects are well ! Question regarding the crossover boards fitted to Jamo D870 three-ways. There are two, connected together. They carry Jamo type / part numbers 53581 and 53582. Does anyone know the correct connections for certain ? They have been brought to me on their own with various issues - broken off and missing resistor etc...
Brian Gaff December 9th 17 09:46 AM
Do speakers change with age. I seem to recall that my Tannoy LLLlzs had more bass when I first had them. I now have a sub woofer ewith them, but was just wondering as these are old style speakers these days whether the cone material does age and get stiffer aaround the edges perhaps? also looking for some decent sounding small speakers for my bedroom as well that will run off about 12 watts...
Johnny B Good November 29th 17 03:54 PM
On Wed, 29 Nov 2017 13:09:28 +0000, Dave Plowman (News) wrote: In article , D.M. Procida wrote: If you read uk.d-i-y, you may have seen a thread ("This appliance must be earthed") about Dutch mains sockets, which are often unearthed. If I plug a Cyrus 1 amplifier (which has an extremely metal case and a stern label saying "This appliance must be earthed") into an...
D.M. Procida November 29th 17 07:55 AM
If you read uk.d-i-y, you may have seen a thread ("This appliance must be earthed") about Dutch mains sockets, which are often unearthed. If I plug a Cyrus 1 amplifier (which has an extremely metal case and a stern label saying "This appliance must be earthed") into an unearthed socket, do I risk death by electrocution, or worse, poorer sound quality? Daniele
D.M. Procida November 25th 17 05:10 PM
I'm going to need an audio source, so I thought I'd try building my own with a Raspberry Pi. I'll be playing ripped CDs, from a USB flash drive, and Internet radio. It will certainly be more convenient than having my CD collection spread over two locations. I now have a Raspberry Pi running Volumio, with a board-mounted DAC (Allo Boss) and a touch-screen.
tony sayer November 23rd 17 11:32 AM
Eat yer heart out Ross theres a new audio magicke bandwagon doing the rounds;! https://www.musicstore.de/en_GB/GBP/Guitars/Miscellaneous-Valves/cat- GITARRE-GITROEDIV -- Tony Sayer
Trevor Wilson November 21st 17 10:20 PM
I just received a one month sanction on an Australian (moderated) forum for calling out this thing as utter bull****: http://www.furutech.com/2017/10/11/15603/ I love the way the company has strung together a bunch of pseudo-scientific words to justify an expensive waste of money. I made the mistake of challenging the importer on the lies promulgated. Unfortunately, I ****ed off an...
Dave Plowman (News) November 20th 17 10:11 AM
Mate has a 20 year old AV amp which is getting past it. Switching is giving problems despite cleaning. He'd like a new one with HDMI and toslink etc inputs, that he can use with his existing surround speakers. I've not kept up with this side of the market at all. Any recommendations on where to look first?
Johnny B Good November 14th 17 01:31 AM
On Mon, 13 Nov 2017 08:31:00 +0000, Brian Gaff wrote: Jitter now the thing about this is that in pre jitter days, digital audio sounded decidedly odd. The absolute levels were erroneous quite often. The blurring with jitter has actually made CDs sound better but of course if you had infinite bits then you would not need it would you.
D.M. Procida November 12th 17 12:39 PM
Now that the contents of a CD can be held in RAM, never mind in other cheaper and still very fast digital storage, what does an expensive CD player offer that a cheap transport and a decent digital-to-analog converter cannot? If DAC products can buffer seconds' or even minutes' worth of data, and can stream it out to the actual DAC circuitry with GHz precision, there doesn't seem to be much need...
[email protected] November 10th 17 08:24 AM
Looking for Star Trek Discovery season 1 Episodes 6 onwards in english. Why does it seem there are no posts any more ??? --- This email has been checked for viruses by AVG. http://www.avg.com
tony sayer November 7th 17 08:37 PM
http://www.fidelityaudio.co.uk/fidelity-audio-dm1-cd-demagnetiser--- sacd-xrcd-shmcd-4007-p.asp -- Tony Sayer
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surfwagon March 23rd 15 08:17 AM
Hi just joined the forum. I recently decided I wanted to start listening to vinyls. I was initially looking to buy a linn LP12 but after some research I decided not to buy an LP12. I now proudly own an Ariston RD11s. A client at my work lives in Eaglesham close to Tiefenbrun. I will ad some more info later as I must head to work.
d3735 June 17th 14 10:40 AM
Hi everyone I'm new to this I was hoping someone could help. My DAC sat down on me the other day and I'm reluctant to scrap it if it can be fixed, the power light comes on but no lock light if anyone can fix this or might have one to sell I would be interested. Many thanks.
Yorkie January 21st 13 06:53 PM
I realise now that there has been many concerns about the Quad FM 4. Can anyone help with my Quad FM 4 fault, maybe someone has the same problem. The stations will not memorize. Manual tuning works but when the station number preset is selected together with tuning button no memorizing. It just goes to some random frequency readout? New IC1 replaced.
kevin April 25th 06 07:50 AM
Folks - You are reading this probably because you are considering participating in these UK audio, hifi & car audio related newsgroups. These are the finest UK audio and hi-fi discussions on the internet, with many contributors who have the widest experience imaginable. This forum is a web gateway to this collection of newsgroups. AudioBanter mirrors these discussions and allows you to...
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